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In order to have a comprehesive review for ConvertBox software, I have created various pages to show you how each feature is working. For each demo section below, you can click on the link. It will open a new window, with description of various inportant features that ConvertBox allow you to do.

What is ConvertBox?

A Tool To Engage visitors with beautiful on-site messages

Launch personalized offers, lead capture forms and segmentation surveys to the right visitors at the right time.

  • new or returning visitor
  • visitor trying to leave the site
  • time spend for the visitor scrolling down the page
  • page the visitor is viewing
  • page that visitor is coming from before reaching your page
  • many more...

Easy Installation

ConvertBox is a fully hosted software platform where you can create and manage "Pop-Up Boxes/Messages" for all your sites. If you are using WordPress, you just need to install a plugin and fill in some information, that's all. If you are using HTML, you just need to add a single line of html code to the page. This can be done within 5 minutes.

The section below is created using ConvertBox's inline/embedded features. It allows you to show targeted onsite messages inside areas of your webpages and content. 

ConvertBox Features Review

Demo - Open a pop up window via a link

You can create a pop up window easily using Convertbox. Use this to deliver your message, open a optin form, etc.

Targeting Your Visitors

ConvertBox allows you to target your visitors based on conditional rules based such as:

  • Number of page viewed
  • Number of sessions visited
  • Device type: eg Desktop, Mobile
  • Page visited or not visited
  • and many more ...

When you integrated your email service provider with ConvertBox, you will have more targeting options such as:

  • Is email is in or not in certain email list
  • Is your visitor has or does not have the selected tag
  • and many more ..

Click here to learn more about targeting rules

Convertbox Integrations

Convertbox has integration with many marketing tools such as autoresponders, page builders, cart platforms, etc. Below is a list of such services. More will be added in the future.

OptinMonster vs ConvertBox

Optinmonster is one of the mature lead generation tool. Overall, it has more features and better reporting than Convertbox. Convertbox's interface is much simpler to use. Currently, the best benefit for Convertbox over Optinmonster is that you can pay once and use it forever. The return of investment can be covered within a year. 


  1. Easy to install
  2. Easy to use
  3. Able to create beautiful popups fast
  4. Many ways to target your visitors, allowing you to display various messages
  5. For a limited time, you can buy ConvertBox for a one time fee, this means you just pay once and there are no ongoing fees

  1. Analytics and Statistics can be better
  2. Does not collect leads natively
  3. Does not send emails natively

Highly Recommended

Before using Convertbox, I never aware that a pop-up software can be so powerful.

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